A good teacher can inspire hope, can ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.


AYA YAMAMOTO, Yoga Specialist

Aya always believed in power of Yoga and wanted to dedicate her life practicing it. After graduation from College, she went to States to study yoga and in 2005 she successfully completed her 200 hours program from It's Yoga, San Francisco . Since then she has been active as Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor in Japan.

During these past 10 years Aya has turned herself into a versatile yoga instructor in Tokyo. Her clients range from Professional Jazz and Opera Singers, prominent business leaders, as well as corporate offices. She also has been working as Fitness Trainer- helping people to build their desired body.

Aya is co-founder of Yogaworld.tokyo


CHIEMI MUTO, Yoga Specialist

Chiemi is one of the prominent yoga instructors in Tokyo. She is is interested in building inner and outer beauty of human being through yoga. She has been actively proving yoga training to Pro baseball athletes, beauty queens, singers as well as renowned businessmen for more than 10 Years. 

Chiemi took her yoga license from Australia and is certified yoga instructor American Yoga Alliance RYT200, Indian Government Approved Yoga Instructor, Japan Maternity Yoga Association. 

Chiemi is co-founder of Yogaworld.tokyo.



SATOKO SUZUKI, Yoga Instructor

Satoko first got introduced to Yoga when she was working as a Volunteer in Iwate Prefecture.At that time, Yoga was used as a method to heal pain and mental stress. Later Satoko started using yoga to cure people who got problems with stiffness of body, especially office ladies. 

Satoko is IBMA Certified Yoga Instructor.


NATSUMI JIN, Yoga Instructor

Natsumi has a unique experience of combining classic Ballet and Yoga. She believes that noticing subtle movement of muscles of the body and understanding how they work will transform the human body. At present,she is working as a professional in Maternity Yoga, Kids Yoga as well as Regular yoga instructor. She is also a professional Ballet instructor.

Natsumi is certified Yoga Instructor, Maternity Yoga andKids Yoga Instructor as well as Baby therapist.



YUMI SAITO, Yoga Instructor

Yumi started Yoga in order to balance her Physical and Mental fitness when she was starting her career as Pop artist in Japan and abroad. She got so much mesmerized by yoga that she start reflecting yoga in her art themes. 

Yumi has been working as yoga trainer for more than 10 years.



YASUYO GOTO, Yoga Instructor

Yasuyo is IHTA Certified Yoga Instructor and has also obtained adidas yoga license. She has been working as a yoga instructor in fitness clubs as well as yoga studios in Tokyo.



ASAMI HONMA, Yoga Instructor

Asami is the most versatile yoga instructor in Tokyo. She is All American Yoga Alliance RYT 200/RYT 500 Certified Instrutor. She is also ISHTA Yoga certified Instructor, ISHTA Yoga maternity Instructor, Micro Beauty Therapist as well as Dietician. 

Asami has been also providing Personal Training to her clients, apart from working as leader for IMA YOGA.