Mar 19


We had a new appointment today-to provide office yoga to Audi Japan employees.

Situated in 16F of Gotenyama Trust Tower Shinagawa, Audi Japan office looked as beautiful as their cars. Four huge elevators brought us directly to the entrance, which is designed with the motif of the race track. There was a vintage model car placed on the floor, perhaps to reinforce this image. A showcase on the reception featured full line of Audi cars.

We chose one of their meeting rooms for Yoga. All of the participants were in their business attire. Chiemi started the session with explaining the correct posture to sit on a chair while doing work. Then slowly she led the team in doing stretches of legs, hips, shoulders and the neck. On one point, participants leaned on the desk, feeling the pain in their muscles while on the other times they were sitting down and resting their mind.

An hour passed in no time. At the end, everyone returned to work feeling happy for spending sometime for their health while we returned home feeling accomplished today as well.